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Designer: John Conser John Conser
Size: 47′ L.O.A 47′ L.O.A
Beam: 24′ Beam 24′ Beam
Main Sail: 675 Square Feet 675 Square Feet
Jib: 375 Square Feet 375 Square Feet
Wing Mast: 105 Square Feet 105 Square Feet
Motor 90 HP 90 HP
Speed Record: 30.1 knts Full Sail 31.4 knts Full Sail
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Charter Boats

When you think of charter boats you typically don’t picture our catamaran sailing vessels or an intimate sailing adventure. However, this is the case with our two sailing vessels. We offer fun filled, intimate settings where you are treated like a guest and not a number. Our crew get to know you, give you an incredible lifetime experience in a unique and unbelievable setting. Come experience the Sail Maui difference in Maui Island sail excursions and snorkel trips. Contact us today to find out more.